Stereotyping in the Media

As both a Public Relations and Magazine major in the Journalism school at the University of Oregon I recently came across, thanks to my professor, an interesting article war between journalists and public relations professionals.


Chart from describing how journalists view Public Relations

The argument started with an article by David Strom titled the Ten Biggest PR Blunders of 2011. Someone under the alias Pitchman then wrote a response article titled What PR People Really Think of Journalists. In Turn Kel Kelly wrote a response to both articles titled Please Stop Stereotyping.



To based by the titles of the articles the arguments presented by each article is pretty obvious but I’ll give you my take. Strom’s article was basically a worst-of practices for Public Relations professionals, which could be looked at like a mini rant. Pitchman article produced a full on rant looking at journalist’s worst practices/attitudes. While Kelly’s article may have overlooked some of the comments in Strom’s article presented a presented a general look at the argument and explained how the stereotyping needed to stop.

For me this is interesting because I fancy myself on both sides of the argument. Although I don’t have years of experience I am trained in both forms of journalism and I have come to see that stereotyping just within the journalism campus. Public Relations majors and Journalist majors have outstanding opinions of each other just like Strom and Pitchman. There aren’t any arguments or disrespect because of the preconceived notions but the stigma definitely exists.

This whole argument makes me wonder, if stereotypes evolve, and flourish, in settings as small as the UO SOJC how are ever to try to confront the global stereotypes facing the world today?


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