The Social Era

In a recent blog post Nilofer Merchant wrote about The Rules For the Social Era. The point that she make that interested me the most was that fact that many big companies were so closed off to the social factor. They didn’t understand the conversational aspect brought forth by social media platforms.

What I think is ironic about this is that while big corporations didn’t comprehend the value of social media, nonprofit organizations understood almost immediately. As per Merchants post companies now grasp the marketing aspect of social media but is still lacking in the conversational aspect. The reason for this divide in knowledge could be for many reasons. It may be because nonprofits understand their audience better or because they have a more personal relationship with their supporters to begin with.

The metaphor that Merchant used, which I really appreciated was that companies are more like 800-pound gorillas who are trying to become 800-pound gazelles but are actually more like 800-pound dinosaurs. Or in other words huge corporations are suck in their ways that are trying to become quicker and more mobile but are still just outdated models in the social era. ‘

800-Pound Gorilla



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