The #1 thing to do as a nonprofit organization.

Properly thank those that have helped your organization. As the Public Relations professional for a nonprofit company the #1 thing that every nonprofit organization should have at the  top of their to do list is to thank donors,volunteers, parter organizations, etc…

A well thought out thank you, besides being a general courteous thing to do, can have many benefits for an organization. A simple thank you makes people feel appreciated, which makes donor happy and more willing to donate as much or even more in the future. It makes volunteers feel needed and they are more likely to return and become regular volunteers.

Goo thank you’s are always valued when they personalized to the individual donor or volunteer, it gives an extra feeling of gratification because they are personally remembered by are your organization. Although, because of the large amount of workloads and the small amount of persons employed by nonprofits they are not necessarily necessary. A group thank you is completely acceptable as long as it is obvious that it is conveys a sincere message of gratitude.  These thank you’s can come in the form of a letter or a video. The more creative the better but the number one thing to keep in mind is sincerity. Make sure the donor understands how appreciated they are and that the or she knows the effect they had in helping your cause.

Penelope Burke posted on her blog the top 20 things to do when thanking donors. Some of the easiest, but most important things she said to do is to have the letter personally signed by the highest person in your organization. Include contact info, speaks to the donor but does not “sell” the organization.

Another blogger, Raymund Flandez, posted on The Chronicle of Philanthropy blog about the best Thank You video’s. My favorite video is by the Tiden Community Hospital Foundation. Not only because it featured adorable kids and made me tear up but because it gave the donors insight into where their money was going while also conveying a sense of gratitude.   [youtube=!

A simple thank you has the power to make or break your organizations relationship with donors and is the deciding factor on whether people will continue to donate to your organization.


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