Internships and Nonprofits- The Perfect Couple

As a senior in college you would think that I would be spending time focusing on trying to find a job when I graduate, but I’m not. Instead I’m searching for an internship. Which seems funny because I’m currently the social media intern for a local non-profit in Eugene, and over the summer I interned at a nonprofit in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland.

You would think that would give me enough experience but when I compare that so some of my friends in the SOJC it pales in comparison. So many of my classmates, and soon to be fellow colleagues have completed multiple (as in 4 or 5.) A recent article posted by USA TODAY College  made it very clear that Internships are not optional and the more you have the better chances you have at getting a job.

The increase in popularity of unpaid internships gives an opportunity for nonprofits to gain valuable volunteers. Because not much separates volunteers from interns non-profits are the perfect place to pick up experience. this is especially true in the Public Relations World. With the growth of social media and the increase in need for Public Relations officials many nonprofits welcome the opportunity to have students practice their newly acquired talents.

The article interview the Intern Queen herself, Lauren Berger about internships in the modern job market. Berger had 15 internships during her college career and went on to start her own company Intern Queen INC. From the interview the best piece of advice I saw was to go after internships you want, not just ones that companies post.

The Intern Queen: Lauren Berger

Now, I know there are probably some people who will be able to get a job without any internships. Just like we learned from He’s Just Not That In To You, there is always an exception to the rule. But lets face it I, just like millions of college students, are not the exception and will spending the next year or two interning just to gain the experience necessary to find a paid job and those internships will most likely be in the nonprofit field.


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