How to be an expert Facebooker.


Using facebook for a company takes on a completely different meaning than using facebook as an individual. Personally I hardly ever update my facebook. I don’t post updates and if I do it’s usually to share a video, a quote or something cheesy like that, I never use it to publish my thoughts. I do go on and comment on and “like” statuses and wall posts. The only original content I usually post are pictures that I’ve taken.

This strategy would never fly for an organization, especially within nonprofit organizations where facebook usually has a more important function than within most other companies. Those invested, or thinking about investing in an organization wants to hear what is going on. They want to know where their money is going, which means keeping them involved. A nonprofit’s followers want to be in the know when something good happens and even when an organization is struggling and needs a little extra help.

But the double standard with that is facebook followers also don’t want to be flooded with constant information. There needs to be some sort of balance achieved between keeping your followers in the know and bombarding them with information overload. The balance lies within knowing your audience. Once you know who you want to reach out to on facebook you are able to better understand what they want to hear, how much they want to know and when to strike “aka post.” Jeff Bullas published a post on PR daily explaining the logistics about posting.

I think the most important part about facebook is the content you put out on your site. It needs to be informative yet to the point. People don’t through a bunch of useless information… just get to the point.


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