Best Social media Practices by a non-profit

Surfrider Foundation, in my opinion, is one of the best organizations utilizing social media. It’s not just the fact that they have accounts on many social media sites, it’s that they have a strong presence and identity on each media platform.

Their website is a one stop place for any information you need about the organization. It connects all of their chapters together and creates one solid face and mission for the organization. On their page interested individuals can learn about their mission, find local chapters to participate in, learn about individual campaigns, find ways to take action, and connect to all social media platforms. They have a comprehensive website where nothing is left out.

Their use of social media includes, a blog, twitter, facebook, You TubeRSS feed, and Pinterest.

One click on their You Tube page and a very creative and powerful video, Plastics Kill, which doesn’t outright ask for support but instead makes you think about the environment. They also have two blogs in order to write about both environmental factors that affect the coast and to get a personal views on issues and campaign matters.

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Surfrider is able to effectively combine all forms of social media to create one fluid presence that transcends multiple platforms. Which, I think is one of the hardest things about so many social media sites. To be able to keep up with so many sites while still maintaining a large cohesive presence that expands on its mission is quite a hard task. I admire the employees at Surfrider for keeping it all together so elegantly, which is why I think they have the best social media practices by a non-profit..


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