Best Blogs

This week I decided to evaluate blogs and social media sites then choose the best one.There are so many sites one the internet so it’s hard to choose from. I  know that tomorrow I might find another blog to add but I finally decided upon my two favorite blogs; The Big Picture and Humanitarian info.

The Big Picture is a  blog that was started by photo editors of The Boston Globe. It ‘s a collection of photo’s from current events. The blogs strengths include it’s ability to provide in-depth coverage of news events in a timely fashion. It’s weakness is that because the blog is only pictures and captions so it makes it hard for a proper analysis. Although because of its ties to the Boston Globe it’s easy to tie into news stories. In addition to tying into the news stories, the connect ion to the Boston Globe this blog lets the authors of the blog connect with their readers and creates conversations on a level that isn’t reached through regular reporting. I also picked this blog because I’m especially interested in photojournalism and I think this is one of the better displayed photo blogs.

My second choice; Humanitarian info is a great blog for information regarding humanitarian work around the globe. I’m also really passionate about non-profit work. This is one of my favorite blogs because it’s always on top of current issues. It fosters a strong online community about people who are passionate about the same issues. The format of the blog also allows for an in-depth analysis of issues. I think one of the downfalls is that there isn’t a real format of when things are posted so the immediacy aspect isn’t always a priority.


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