Forward Thinking

This post is in response to Inspiring Generosity’s blog post; 7  Things Nonprofits Should Focus on in 2012.

It’s no secret that come January there are a plethora of articles that seem to center around how to make this year you’re best year ever. Well this is no different for companies or businesses. Everyone likes to put in their two cents about what this year is all about. Some are good some are bad and some seem like they could pertain to any year. But I really enjoyed Inspiring Generosity’s article.



The 7 things to focus on are:

  1. Mobile (as in [smart] phones)
  2. Voice Recognition (Siri)
  3. ZMOT
  4. QR codes
  5. Small Gifts
  6. Brand Building
  7. Going for the Gold (the olympics)

I liked this list because it had some basics that should be remembered year after year. Some things that seem obvious but are often times not given enough attention. Also, things that I had no idea what they were.

Basics: Brand Building, Small gifts; no gift is ever too small.

Obvious yet under appreciated: Mobile phones, voice recognition and the Olympics.

Didn’t have a clue: ZMOT, QR codes.

So I did little research and figured out what ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth) and QR codes were. It turns out that these are both very useful tools for branding and spreading information about an organization.

Overall each of the items on the list tied into one another somehow. Which is essentially how all tools should work. They should some how connect to each other in order to best promote an organizations  mission.

The biggest take away I got from the article was “think progressively, but proceed with caution.”




2 thoughts on “Forward Thinking

  1. My favorite thing to focus on was Small Gifts. The smallest gesture can mean so much, and it doesn’t have to be a material gift. A small act of kindness can turn a day around. I try to do 3 acts of kindness every day so I loved this idea for things to focus on in the new year!

  2. Reading your insight and than the original article you based it off was a very good lesson on this lovely Sunday afternoon. Most importantly, the key to this (at least to me) was how you highlighted that “overall each of the items on the list tied into one another somehow. Which is essentially how all tools should work”. I could not agree more. The more compatible and intertwined each tool can be, the more efficient, correct? Thank you for this blog! I found it very educational.

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