Can nonprofits survive on Pinterest?

It seems like these day the newest social media site that’s taking over the world is Pinterest. First it took over my sorority, then the U of Oregon campus and now is getting more and more attention from  people in my social network. Despite the fact that it isn’t as big as twitter or facebook (yet) doesn’t mean you can write of  this site just yet. Fashionistas, designers, architectures, cooks, magazine and even news agency seems to be flourishing on the site but is it a place for nonprofit organizations?

The about section on Pinterest showcases that its main focus is for people to catalogue “things” that interest them. Such as fashion, food/recipes, design, architecture, etc. It is dominated by categories that are visual but I find that more and more non-profits are joining the site and even more people are talking about how to make it work for these types of organizations.

My first thought was there is no way  nonprofits can possibly use this site. I have since changed my mind and am currently following 7 organizations and counting. (To my disclaimer not all non-profits have caught on to this trend so there aren’t that many to follow.)

But what matters is that I have

changed my mind and here’s why:

  1. I started actually following non-profits on Pinterest. (Probably should have done that before making any judgments.)
  2. Reading articles and blogs about how beneficial the site is, how to start your company on the site and ideas on how to utilize the site.
  3. I realized that non-profits, just like most things in life, are not a one-size fits all formula. Some organizations do have interesting visual components. Such as; humane societies, UNICEF,, Surfrider, etc.

I think even though the outreach of nonprofits to pinterest is slow-coming, there is a definite place for these organizations in the Pinterest world.



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